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FTE-55 12v Transformers

The Futronix 12v transformers are ideal for... Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lamps are used domestically for spotlights, down lighters and modern table lamps. They are available in different sizes and wattages from 5w to 50w. They all require a categorized by requiring a 12v supply that is derived by using a transformer of the correct wattage for the lamp.

The input to the transformer is the mains supply (or channel output from the dimmer) and the output of the transformer is a (dimmed) 12v supply to the lamp.

Care must be taken when choosing a transformer as some electronic ones are either not dimmable or are incompatible lagging edge dimmable. Often these transformers originate from Germany and should not be dimmed by normal leading edge dimmers.

The Futronix range of transformers is quaranteed fully compatible with all Futronix dimmers and 12v lamps. They are of a high quality construction, short circuit proof and feature low-noise operation.

Model number FTE-55