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Dimmable Ballasts

Most fluorescent lamps in everyday use are dimmable, when the correct ballast is fitted. Futronix supplies a range of electronic high frequency dimmable ballasts for most common fluorescent lamp types.

As well as being dimmable, the light output is flicker free, operating at 38Khz instead of the eye-straining 50/60Hz of traditional wire-wound ballasts. Electronic ballasts have the additional benefit of being 30% more energy efficient - even before dimming.

Futronix fluorescent ballasts are guaranteed compatible with the Enviroscene & PFX range of dimmers*. The fluorescent lamp can be dimmed down to 10% via a 1-10v-control input.

They are a high quality design with CE, BS, VDE & UL approvals and come with a 2 year warranty.

*Optional 1-10v card is required which controls 8 separate channels of fluorescent ballasts, with up to 30 ballasts on each circuit.

MODEL: Dimmable ECG FL1D36, FL1D55 &
FL1D58 Dimmable Electronic Ballasts for single
Fluorescent Lamps T26, TC-L
Dimming range:1% to 100%
The new unique 1% to 100% dimmable electronic
ballasts for standard single fluorescent lamp types:
T26 & TC-L from 36 to 58 Watt.
Model no. ECG FL1D36 FL1D55 FL1D58
For Iamps 1x36W T26 1x55W TC-L 1x58W T26
1x36W TC-L - -
1x38W T26 - -
Main Input Range: 170-270AC/DC 90-147VAC/DC
Temperature Range: -00C to +500C
Approvals CE, BS, VDE & UL