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LIF Technical Statement No. 25

High Voltage Tungsten halogen Lamps With G9/ GU10/GZ10 Cap

With reference to the August 2002 issue of Lighting Equipment News in which there was a letter in the "Last Word" page headed-up "Mains halogens damage dimmers" in which there was a statement that mains voltage halogen lamps with GU10 caps 'damage' certain types of dimmer.

It is important to explain the problem, and explain why the lamps manufactured by LIF Members do not give rise to this problem.

At the end of the life of mains voltage halogen lamps with G9/GU10/GZ10 caps, arcing can occur and a current can build up to a sufficient value and for a duration which could damage a dimmer switch.

However, the lamps manufactured by LIF Members, do not have this technical problem at end of lamp life as their lamps are provided with a fuse built into their lamps. These inbuilt fuses provide the necessary protection against damage to dimmer switches.

It is known that there are some mains voltage halogen lamps with G9/GU10/GZ10 caps on the market, which are not from LIF members, that do not have a built in fuse system. With such lamps, when arcing occurs, there can be a very high power build up and potentially the dimmers could be damaged. One way of preventing this would be to install a separate fuse between the lamp and the dimmer which will rupture before damage can occur to the dimmers."

The following LIF Member companies support this LIF Technical Statement: GE, Osram, Philips and Sylvania.